Many rescue organizations begin because of that first special rescued horse. Our story was born out of a pure love and respect for all animals.  Fate’s hand directed us to equine rescue.

Nestled among the red rocks of northern Arizona lies Double H Equine Foundation and Sanctuary (DHEFS), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) private foundation established in 2014. The foundation is currently a small family operation. Above all, we provide safe sanctuary for a limited number of equines that have been victims of neglect or abuse, that are unwanted and on the verge of being sold for slaughter – focusing primarily on miniature horses and donkeys. From the moment they arrive we address immediate needs and customize a rehabilitation program to match. Each horse receives veterinary care, hoof care, specialized nutrition, and bodywork if needed. Equines residing at DHEFS will remain in sanctuary for the duration of their lives, and are not available for adoption.

Though we are still a young organization, we have plans to incorporate many enhancement programs, including horse-care workshops, monetary grants to support other equine foundations and children’s activities that teach responsible pet ownership.